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Guestbook Star

Guestbook Star

WebGenie's Guestbook*Star lets you create a guest-book and its CGI with absolutely no programming experience. Web interactivity is the essential ingredient for a successful Internet-based business, whether it is commercial, academic or social. It is imperative to know your customers' and visitors' opinion to gauge ...

Commercial  1,526k 6373 WebGenie Software Pty Ltd


This project is no longer maintained and may be vulnerable to various exploits. A simple blog engine designed for personal websites. A web interface allows users to manage entries. Visitor comment system with RECAPTCHA and HTML Purifier included. Single user can publish, edit, and delete ...

Freeware  260k 235
Visitor Organizer Deluxe

Visitor Organizer Deluxe

Visitor Organizer Deluxe for Windows: visitor management software for businesses, schools, offices, or any buildings. Our software gives your receptionist or security personnel an easy way to enter, manage, track, and organize visitors. For the database novice, Organizer's intuitive interface and ready-to-use visitor management solutions ...

Shareware  7,323k 1023 PrimaSoft PC

Visitor Footprints

Visitor Footprints is a tracking script which installs on your web server and ,when setup, reports directly to a viewable interface on your desktop. This software will enable you to instantly see what websites are referring your visitors, what keywords are being used to find ...

Freeware  1,321k 516 Flex Mini

A-PDF Comment Collector

A-PDF Comment Collector is a simple, lightning-fast and powerful desktop utility program that lets Batch collect\export PDF comments into comments summary file. comments summary is a separate PDF file containing a compiled list of the comments in your document. With A-PDF Comment Collector, you can ...

Shareware  2,724k 1021

Comment Client for WordPress Pro

Administrate multiple WordPManage WordPress blogs easier with free Comment Client for WordPress Pro. View, edit, delete, and moderate comments without opening a Web browser. No more lengthy delays and no need to open WordPress every time you need to approve or flag a comment as ...

Shareware  1,659k 890 Yarrowsoft

Lobby Track Visitor Management Software

Visitor management software for visitor registration, tracking, and reporting. Pre-register visitors online or register onsite. Issue visitor badges. Maintain visit logs. Check against watch lists (FBI's most wanted, etc.).

Demo  45,066k 937 Jolly Technologies

Comment PHP Script (It's free too!)!

Comment Form / Post Feedback Allow users to display and post comments on a page.. Feedback is very valuable to not only the web designers, but to other visitors as well. I have had multiple requests for a tutorial on this, so I decided to ...

Freeware  123k 1802
Visitor Counter Script

Visitor Counter Script

Our free php visitor counter allows you to see how many people are visiting your web pages. There is no need for a database as the script simply uses a .txt file, and it is easily installed onto your website with the simplest of coding ...

Freeware  7k 676 MFScripts
Blog Comment Poster

Blog Comment Poster

Blog Comment Poster is automatic blog commenting software dedicated to businesses and individuals who seek faster indexing, improved search engine rankings, more targeted visitors, and increased number of sales at the same time. By utilizing user-defined keyword lists, the auto blog commenter can find thousands of ...

Shareware  1,436k 707 eBGenius
Comment Poster

Comment Poster

Comment Poster is automatic comment posting software and ultimate dofollow backlinks generator designed for webmasters that aren't fully satisfied with the effectiveness of traditional backlinks building techniques. Unlike some other tools, it's the first and only automatic comment poster which brings backlinks building to the ...

Shareware  13,662k 629 eBGenius
Facebook Comment Manager

Facebook Comment Manager

Facebook Managing Pages Comment and Automatically Reply Fans. Main Features: (1) Manage list of comments, include history and action. (2) New message notification (display notifications on screen and/or notification sound when have new post). (3) Automatic interact with your fans using your page name (posting ...

Shareware  12,414k 525 Anh Anh
Visitor Management

Visitor Management

This program can be used by every organization to register visitors recording. Our software makes it easier to keep track of when and who gets a visit. The program has a special visit log that can be easily used for recording who comes, who has ...

Shareware  43,735k 478 Temia Consulting

VMPro Visitor Management Pro

VMPro 2.0 turnkey system to manage visitor ID Cards, print badges & produce reports. It is extremely fast in producing visitor photo ID cards, has a very clear & legible interface, supports bar codes and is THE choice in ID & visitor management system. Personalize ...

Demo  37,135k 1133 VMI Visitor Management Inc

VU Website Visitor Analyst

VU Web Visitor Analyst is an application that retrieves your website visitors’ IP address, exact date and time, visited page name, the link a visitor came from originally (referred URL address). You can view the single visitor history with the list of all pages visited. ...

Shareware    446 VUNET

Feedback chat, dialog to your visitor

Video Flash chat, broadcast LIVE images with your webcam. Enable real time answers and dialog to your visitor, get their comments and personal data online, give them real time help. Let know if you are on the Internet without using messenger program .

Shareware  1,403k 444 Proxymis Multimedia

VMI - Visitor Management Pro Starter Kit.

Id Card Production:VMI Pro is a fast and reliable badge-printing program. It allows you to produce photo ID cards, badges and nametags for all kinds of users: Visitors, Contractors, Delegates, Staff, TempStaff , Guests etc. VMI Pro has built in templates which utilize VMI's three ...

Demo  34,816k 458 VMI - Visitor Management Inc

Urkburk Visitor Counter System

UVCS is a visitor counter written in PHP.Main Features:+REALLY simple+No database neededDeveloped on Apache/1.3.29 (Win32) PHP/4.3.6.Should work with any server, OS, PHP/4.3.x.

Freeware  10k 432

DSpace Comment Add-on Search Patch

M. FerMiguel Ferreira at the University of Minho, Portugal, developed the Comment add-on for DSpace 1.4 or lower, but no searching comments was supported. This patch allows to search comments in the DSpace 1.4 or lower. See README for more details.

Freeware  9,845k 583

Delele C/C++ Comment Tool

remove C/C++ comment for standard input and output to standard outputYou use this module for Vim editor and other text source file for detailed usase.

Freeware  21k 563
Free Comment System jQuery/Ajax V1

Free Comment System jQuery/Ajax V1

You can see the live demo at: Comment limitName, email and comment validationDate from posted (Example: Posted 2 seconds ago)Comment slide down after postError messages if not valid fieldsSend comment to emailAjax sending form

Freeware  7k 1222

VMI - Visitor Management Pro

VMI Pro software is a complete system for managing the visitors, contractors, and full-time employees entering your facility. With integrated query capabilities, VMI Pro can create reports to suit your specific needs and includes evacuation reports and emergency panic lists. The software is fully scalable ...

Shareware  35,313k 973 vmisecure com

JPEG Comment Browser

Commenting a JPEG can be useful. I?ve seen it described as the equivalent of writing on the back of a photograph. It doesn?t effect showing the image and is not normally seen unless looked for.

Freeware  265k 793
Assessor for Teachers

Assessor for Teachers

Assess your students with style and save time. Assessor for teachers simplifies the processes of preparing assessment plans, marking assessment tasks, recording marks, analysing results and preparing reports PREPARE ASSESSMENT PLAN - Teachers use the program prepare an assessment plan, which can be typed and ...

Shareware  4,000k 1525 Paxton Cat Software


VBdocman is a program for automatic generating of technical documentation from your Visual Basic source files with just few mouse clicks. It parses source code and automatically creates table of contents, index, topics, cross-references and context sensitive help. The format of output documentation is fully ...

Shareware  1,541k 981 Helixoft
SnippetCenter Professional

SnippetCenter Professional

SnippetCenter is the Portal to your Knowledge. The information manager archives and governs text and PDF documents, files, code snippets, internet addresses, comments and notes. Store your data in your custom tree structure. Comment the single information pieces in special fields to find and understand ...

Shareware  2,681k 1431 GRAHL software design


VSdocman is a tool for commenting and the quick automatic generation of class documentation from your C# and VB .NET source code files. It is ideal tool for you if you create .NET component, control, application, smart device or web site (ASP .NET) projects. VSdocman ...

Shareware  2,635k 1158 Helixoft


WinCounter is people counting software - the ultimate counting machine. The most common use for WinCounter is to count people as they enter or leave a doorway, but it can be used to count all sorts of different things. It will alert you when people ...

Shareware  6,600k 895 Software Studio Ltd

Hit Inspector

We all know that to capitalize on your web site traffic, you must have in-depth assessment of where traffic is coming from. Our robust software gives you referral links, hourly, daily graphs, browser type, and much more. Unlimited page views & domains Top Search Engine ...

Freeware  3,473k 833 ImageLink Incorporated


FeinSoftware presents CommentMakerPro - comment generation tool designed to work in Visual C++ under current versions of Microsoft Visual Studio .NET (7.0 and 7.1). Every developer understands the need of properly documenting their code, but not all of us do it. Common reasons are "not ...

Shareware  174k 834 FeinSoftware
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